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Friday, March 1, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Aberteifi, Wales on 2019-01-21 17:00:00 - Three lights breifly appeared in the sky over cardigan town just before sunset.

I was visiting the the pembrokeshire coast in january, i used to live in cardigan back in 2011 where i had multiple previous sightings and expereinces over a period of time. 24 hours prior to this sighting i had telepathic contact alerting me to the fact that i would see them. i had taken the wrong bus back to aberystwyth (where i was lodging in an air bnb) and ended up in a village just over a mile outside of cardigan where i had to wait for the bus back. the light was fading and i was taking pictures of the village street when 3 lights appeared in the sky moments before i took one of the pictures and captured the lights in the image. nothing unusual that i'm aware of happened at the time but after the event i experienced severe anxiety and a feeling of being watched. a few days after the sighting i experienced a vivid dream of being taken to a craft where i was greeted by a being with very distinct features. after waking from the dream i had the thought 'i'm going to draw a picture of that person because they were mesmerizing'. hours later i found an image by an artist who had drawn an image that resembled the being in the dream exactly! i am unable to say 100% if i was taken but i was definitely contacted telepathically and experienced the described synchronicities both before and after the sighting. there was nothing traumatic or unpleasant that i remember about the whole experience yet i have been experiencing severe anxiety and insomnia since the event. i have attached 4 images, the origional image i took, a close up crop, an edited version of the close up for clarity and the image i found that matched the exact look alike of the being who contacted me.

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Credit: MUFON

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