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Friday, March 8, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Montesano, Washington on 1990-06-21 03:00:00 - Reccuring dream, where i am awakened by a bright light, and peer out my 2nd story bedroom window, to see a craft. then i am paralyzed, with entities.

So the dream is cyclical. i awaken in the beginnings of the recurring dream, then a light hits the window, as if a car parked precisely where the head lights shine on my window. i open the blinds to see a ufo, then 2 or maybe 3 entities resembling grey aliens perhaps one beside me being a hybrid. i can never look directly at it, as my head is fixed and i only get a peripheral glance. these entities are in my head, speaking like my own thoughts but malevolent feeling with an ominous demonic undertone. like a scary whisper, was how i explained it to my mother. they are in my room, i can't speak up, time stands still, and i awaken (for the second time) to seeing a light on my window, identical to the beginning of my nightmare. i question how am i dreaming in my dream? and i want to simply look to disprove my eerie feelings, of the ominous foreshadowing of the encounter i am about to go through. my mother tells me since she was 3 yrs old 'angels' had visited her in her bed room. they never caused her any harm, and seemed to glow 'with the glory of god'! she described it like an aura. my house would only have a car shine lights momentarily, when turning off of harriet avenue south onto lake hill drive. there were a couple dozen houses but most used mcbryde avenue as it formed a loop with harriet and lake hill. maybe twice in a night, but never prolonged, more then a second or two. however the ufo hovering in the field above my playset, outside my window would shine a halogen grow light reminiscing intense bright light on the window for several minutes until i would peer through the blinds out of curiosity. then they appeared in the room! i always lose time, and question if it was all just a dream, as i awaken. that is until the light hits my window as soon as i awaken for a prolonged period of time. i never have the courage to open the blinds after the initial terror, although i'm still curious. they claim to be benevolent but i suspect otherwise. i believe they need my permission to use my body, for some sinister pursuit and since i am powerless and retain no memory of their possession i refuse to willingly comply ever again! this recurring dream, would always leave me extremely frightened in a pool of cold sweat, and unable to fall back to sleep. my mother never understood why i was so upset and would just insist i had 'a bad dream'. this persisted periodically, as a recurring nightmare, for years until i moved out of that bedroom and into my mother's sewing room next door, which had an east facing window. the dream never occurred again. beyond this event, i have had dozens of craft sightings. in daylight and at night. me and my mother often enjoyed telepathically asking them to show themselves, while stargazing and found they would respond to our desires. 90â° turns, enlarging, moving at impossible speeds, etc... to prove their validity, as ufos and not some military test planes etc. (our house was along a common flight path from mcchord air force base, now jblm. my mother has a dozen tales of her encounters. from her childhood in whishkah, where a crash occured, the military recovery, and subsequent silencing of the town's people. the unearthly buzz that the craft emitted, the forced curfew on everyone until the special air force division had removed the downed "weather balloon" which took a few days. a horse that one of her friends had, with an eye that seemed to follow you around. until it was surgically removed with a lã¡ser which carterized the wound, which killed the horse to remove said eye. the owner reported it as mutilated and was ostracized for attempting to speak out. her best friend told me tales of a several hundred yard craft which moved slowly at daybreak, over the area of her family home, silent, and large enough to block the sun for several minutes as it passed. she was paralyzed, and couldn't awake her friends who were camping outside with her, it was physically impossible to move. since no one else saw it, no one cared to believe her account. i have never undergone hypnotic regression therapy, and have questioned whether i was abducted, or just had a very active imagination as a youth. my mother honestly had no recollection of these occurrences, when i tried to talk about it as an adult, as if i was imagining everything. although she recalled i would often wake her speaking in a foreign language loudly in my room. she would joke that it was an alien dialect. she admitted being haunted by a demonic presence in that very house. although my mother still owns it, she has left the home vacant for years. i have often pondered whether her demonic presence was not one in the same as my alien one.

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Credit: MUFON

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