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Saturday, March 2, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Montreal, Quebec on 2019-03-01 19:30:00 - Observation au dessus du vieux port de montreal

I want to report a ufo sighting happened last night in montreal, quebec. location: old port, montreal time: 7:30pm to 7:38pm height of the observer: 12/f (my eye level is around 103 feet above the ground since the total floor height till 12th floor is 111 feet) flying height of the object: unknown, much lower than commercial flights, more like mid-way of the sky, a bit higher than my eye level. (i never learnt how to calculate, if given manual maybe i could give a better estimate.) distance: hard to tell, the first sighting was much closer, feels like a few hundred feet away. shape: one big v-shaped aircraft with blinking red lights. size: hard to determine. at the initial sighting, it was at least the size of a regular commercial flight. but it also depends on the plane model and the distance. i am not an expert. i have little to none knowledge in this field. speed: slower than commercial flight sound: no apparent sound or noise observed even during the brief seconds when i opened the window. it is definitely not a commercial flight which we see here often on daily basis, or a jet or a helicopter. flying route: 60 degrees in northeast to south (or southwest at 190-200 degrees), then it turned around and flew to the east at 80 degrees. witness: two of my neighbors, the owners of the condo but they didn't quite see what i saw. emotion of the main witness: excited observation object used: no brand, 10x50wa, field 7.0 degree, 122m/1000m. evidence: one blurry short video of 27 seconds recorded by my iphone 7+. the image resolution and focus are too poor and too weak to provide much value. similar reporting: similar objects are reported in ontario and new york city in recent years by google search. conclusion: it might be advanced military secretive aircraft or drone. sighting: i was working in front of the desktop after supper. all of sudden, something from the corner of my eye caught my attention: in between of the illuminated jacques cartier bridge and the new phase 7 under construction, in the left sky it appeared a v-shaped aircraft with 5 or 7 blinking red lights. it was probably flying sort of tilted, at least that my recollection. my first thought i was seeing something like phoenix lights, the phenomenon i saw on youtube. then it flew pass the phase 7. i said to myself, if i could see it again passing the obstructed view, the hollow 20-storey building under construction standing at the left corner, then it might not be a mysterious alien ship. the main structure of the concrete building with pillars is completed, but none of the walls or windows is installed. it can be regarded as a skeleton building. after this object passed the building in the left corner, i called my neighbors to come to see, but they were unpacking their luggages in the living room from their earlier afternoon arrival, they didn’t pay much attention to my yelling nor did they believe what i claimed to see. in their brief look, it was a regular flight. but it is not, since this object changes its shape somehow during the course. one neighbor is 60, the other is 80, their eyesight and mentality are not like of a 41 year-old, myself. the object continued to fly above the st-laurent river to the south (southwest) right in front of our eyes, the reverse direction of the flows of the river. it passed the clock tower, then at the location approximately 120-130 degrees, it turned around and flew back. at that moment, my neighbor mr sun handed me his monocular as i had asked for. the object flew to the biosphere and above it. through biosphere’s hollow architectural traits, the former us pavilion during montreal expo 67, i could still see its red lights through the monocular. i checked the time on my cell phone and decided to give up, because it was flying far away to the south shore brossard, and the monocular is not powerful.

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Credit: MUFON

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