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Thursday, March 14, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Batavia, Illinois on 2010-06-20 14:00:00 - Orb of dull graphite color turn to bright white orb.

I was laying out by pool observing clouds an airlines traveling towards midway chicago. notice higher aircraft were all emitting reddish color exhaust fine pine strip. thought that was odd. as i watched airline fly over apx.4000ft altitude it went over lower cloud, clouds were few patches here an there. 3000 to 3500 ft level as i verified with local airport. as airline disappeared out of the cloud an orb flew out, an hung in the air. as i observed it it's dark graphite black color relected no shine, it looked like a toostie lollipop with big wide band around it apx size 1 car garage. the orb begain to change from black to half bright white there was a gold wire like that that came from band were it reached out to bottom of craft like electricty arc, it then became full bright white were it glowed and expanded maybe 10% bigger than it was, reset to normal size. as i was watching this for maybe 10 seconds not wanting to move or blink i couldn't help but notice it was now aware i was looking at it. i said i know who you are (demonic) it glowed larger than puff disappeared leaving a red curly mustach type red smoke very faint. it seemed to pull on my eyes an i felt it was like scared i knew what it really was. immediately i told my buddy i just saw a ufo he said yeah right your crazy. a few minutes latter looking directly up i saw what appeared to be a fine pin tip dot glowing heading directly straight down, i yeled at my buddy i'm crazy look at that just then the faint dot of orange red color started to admit a cloud behind it. he being ex military too did not know what object could be. to me it looked like it enter the atmosphere from over 200k ft. as it tapered off it made an arch from a dive straight down to a westward direction at about 30k ft. the cloud looked like an upside down waterfall pure white, that never spread out but keep shape as it traveled for several minutes until it disappeared which i'm sure it was over iowa border when i could no longer see it. friend did not know what it could be. he was very shaken by it. as i continued to scan the skies i notice to fighter jets at extreme high altitude heading in the direction of object but many miles behind it. also smoke trails from fighters were red color to. from this day i have never seen exhaust from aircraft that color again. i still look up wondering if i'll ever see that again. i did report this to mufon that day of occurance. called them next day an kind of got chewed out for not reporting it to police. as i felt so many cases are reported an deemed crank or insane. i wish i would have as the cloud could have been seen from police station. the guy i talked to at mufon said at the exact time of my report two other cases were called in from east coast a landing a north dokota a crash. i am writing from memory my dates an time could be off but it should be on file. i do not believe in alien space travelers as it is not possible. three life forms are god, man an angels. an the angels that have fallen are the demonic realm who might have been stripped of flight an use technology to get around. they can an do live in space an underwater. they 100's of times more intelligent than man. they are using tech to fool us an lead us from god an believe in space beings. but notice they always preach antoher doctrine about god. many sleep paralysis suffers have had great success calling out the name of jesus to have probing stopped immediately, those that get saved never have reoccurances an those that don't get saved if they call on jesus everytime they leave.

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Credit: MUFON

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