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Thursday, March 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Independence, Missouri on 2019-03-07 03:33:00 - Rods and balls of light in bedroom after loud sounds

I heard a loud jet/prop plane like sound for several minutes while outside at 11:30 pm. then at 3:33 am. i woke up when a light shone in my eyes. i saw five different lights moving about in my bedroom. they were different colors and shaped like rods and spheres. they had a soft glow to them and cast light on objects as they moved about the room slowly. i looked for a possible source and could find none. these were independent three-dimensional objects that moved about the room under what seemed to be some type of intelligence. it was as if they were scouting the area. after about 20 minutes all of the objects suddenly went upward and through the skylight at a faster rate of speed. the loud plane-like sound has occurred on numerous occasions over the past two years but i cannot find the source. it only occurs late at night, then afterward something strange happens in my house that i cannot explain. my husband and i have witnessed the cat following something with her eyes many times but we cannot see anything ourselves. she has even at times run out of the house and refused to come back inside, apparently seeing something we don't that scares her. we have also heard many unexplained sounds and even crashing noises like all of the dishes were thrown out of cabinets, but when i investigate there is nothing on the floor. i have seen the interior lights i mentioned previously on several occasions. there is some connection to the jet-like sounds but i'm not sure what it is. since the lights are unidentified i thought it would be a good idea to report this to mufon.

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Credit: MUFON

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