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Sunday, March 10, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Baltimore, Maryland on 2019-01-06 18:30:00 - Triangle shaped craft with golden/copper lights lining each side flew silently over the rooftops from east to west in under 30 seconds. i had literally the most unbelievable thing happen to me last night, at 6:30 pm. i went for a walk down to the 7/11 on washington blvd and mlk blvd (pigtown), and walked back home about a mile away which is near w lexington and n carey st. i noticed a crazy amount of helicopters in the then-twilight sky, like several helicopters both nearby and more off into the distance of the city. i had an uneasy feeling like i was being watched when i was alone certain parts of the walk, but i just shrugged it off as just heightened awareness bc it was nighttime in a city. i got back to my house and went out into the backyard at around 6:20 and had a cigarette. i felt like i needed to turn off the porch light so i could have a better view of the sky/the stars. and sure enough, at 6:30, i turned and look to the east in the sky, and saw it. around or below 50 yards from the rooftop of a three story apartment/row home building, close enough for me to confirm that i was looking at a solid triangle as it glided silently but quickly to the west. it had several glowing but steady gold lights that lined each side of the triangle, i think it was three lights per side. and i’m sorry, it’s hard for me to put a number on big measurements and altitudes etc, but from my perspective and with the craft being about half a football field or closer up from me, it measured like half an inch if i stretched out my arm and measured with my fingers (like how a full moon would be the size of your thumb-tip at arms length). i’d estimate the actual size to be about 20-30 feet. for the first time in my life i couldn’t believe my eyes at first bc i couldn’t get over the chances of it happening. i had to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me by displaying what i wanted to see to explain an obscure object, because i love the topic of ufos. i’ve learned a lot about the worldwide phenomenon and have seen so much video/photo evidence and testimonies from high ranking officials. but i also know that sometimes you end up being the only one to experience something possibly life changing and emotional. it’s hard to just believe other people telling the stories without the crucial element of empathy. knowing how loud your senses and logic alarms in your head are screaming bc this is real and you are speechless, but not alone in the universe. midway through the trip across the sky the craft took, i pulled out my phone and tried to fumble open the video recorder and also keep an eye on the ship, and by the time i hit record before it disappeared over the roof tops, i saw that the camera couldn’t pick up anything in the dark sky. it’s just all literally black to the iphone camera.

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Credit: MUFON

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