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Sunday, March 31, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Dublin, County Dublin on 2017-02-07 04:30:00 - Lights in the sky

At approximately 4:20am on the 7th of february (approximate date) 2017 i arose as usual for work and dressed. as i always do and i looked out the landing window on to the street below to see whether the road was wet (i drive a motorbike so i always check to see if i will need my rain gear). the morning was fairly clear and dry (with partial cloud) and it was still dark outside. i observed some red lights in the sky at a sw direction but since i live quite near to dublin airport this is not unusual and so thought nothing of it. having descended the stairs and turned the house alarm off i got the dog up and let her out to relieve herself as i did every morning and just happened to glance up and realised that the lights i had seen where still in the same place although more than one minute had passed. i observed 4 - 5 bright round red lights in a straight line with one small flashing white light on the bottom right of the object like you would see on a plane ( i could not discern any shape). however as i have mentioned i have lived near the airport for 40 years and knew immediately what i was seeing was no conventional aircraft. this object was totally stationary without so much as a waver, wobble or even sound. i could not take my eyes off it and even though i held my phone in my hand i was sure the second i'd break eye contact with it it would be gone. i kept on staring at the object for a further 20 odd seconds and then, this is difficult to describe, it seemed as if it was drawing wisps of cloud around it and almost vibrating and within a second it was just gone. i don't mean it shot off at fantastic speed i mean it just seemed to dissolve. not a single sound was heard for the duration which i estimate to be between two to three minutes. nobody else sighted this object to my knowledge as i scoured the net and facebook at the time. i just thought i'd share this as it was one of the most perplexing moments of my life. i knew what i was seeing was highly unusual and i've never forgotten it. it was definitely not a plane, chopper or drone as i am very familiar with the flight and noise characteristics of them all. thanks for letting me share my story!

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Credit: MUFON

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