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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Dayton, Ohio on 1969-04-07 18:00:00 - Ufo sighting - dayton, oh - april 7, 1969

The sighting - overview in the early evening, my somewhat new foster brother and sister arrived at our house. our families have basically known and spent time with each other for as long as the children on both sides have been living. since the families knew each other for so long, the new home transition was not as new as it might have been. i remember our mother, my younger sister, and myself walking out to the front of the house around 6:00 pm in the evening to greet our “new� family additions (my “new� brother and sister). not long after, my mother noticed something in the western sky from where we were standing. she’s not one to randomly believe in ufo’s, especially at this time of our lives, but she seemed to notice something a little different about this experience. the five of us except dad (“pop� was inside and not interested in what we were seeing) watched this object in the sky. we observed primarily from the backyard and a little from the front of the house for several hours. sighting information this sighting of an object/ufo or multiple things/ufo’s were seen in dayton, oh on april 7, 1969. the length of the sighting was about 2-3 hours, from roughly 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. equinox had just taken place in march on the 20th. sunset this day would take place at 7:07 pm, so the object was seen during the day, twilight, and the early evening. there were 5 witnesses at the time, myself, my mother, my younger sister, my older sister, and older brother - one, (my brother) has since passed away and one, (my older sister) does not remember the sighting. the sighting was first seen by my mother. the object was seen as a ball of fire with no seen tail, debris, or smoke around it. the fire seemed to be contained to the vehicle. speculation/thought: from past observation and experience with fires, this type of blaze seemed to emulate that of a metallic structural glow of some kind. the object’s distance seemed to be from 50-100 miles away. from 20-30 degrees up from the horizon the ufo was seen about due west. the object traveled from south to north. the overall trajectory was primarily parallel to the horizon or the item could have been descending at 1-2 degrees lower relative to the horizon until it began to fall straight down towards the end of the pattern of flight. the object’s time length of trajectory was approximately 15-20 minutes in length. what we noticed was that the structure would first slowly appear or fade-in to the sky, then go through it’s horizontal trajectory for roughly 15 minutes, then change direction quickly to descend vertically straight down for about 1-2 minutes, then would fade out. we observed that when the vehicle would slowly fade out at the end of its pattern, “another� vehicle would seem to appear precisely where the first sighted object had revealed itself, then begin to cycle through the same trajectory as the first sighted vehicle had done. this repeated cycle observed by us went on for 2-3 hours. the trajectory of all cycles seemed to be uninfluenced by any wind from our vantage point. total cycles we observed were around 9 to 12 for our observation period. i remember that the ufo sequences were not seen anymore around or after 9:00 pm. i knew about project blue book or something like it at the local military base, so my mother thought it would be good to call someone at wright patterson air force base since it was so unusual. my mother then called “wright patt" to report the sightings. wright patterson air force base - project blue book interview and response interview my mother called the “base at wright patterson� and she was transferred to someone to talk to about the sighting. she was on the phone for roughly 3-4 hours. she talked with one official. the interviewer asked multiple questions and would ask some of the same questions over again as well. as the interview went on, my mother eventually told the gentleman she had to get the “new� kids settled for school the next day, and then the interview finished up around 10:00 pm. response i believe within the week we received a letter from a lt. colonel, stating the reasons for what “they� thought we had seen. the letter was dated 2 days after the sighting was reported. in the letter, there was a quick two sentence personal explanation on page 1. on page 2 of the letter, there was a one paragraph generic explanation of the event described as, “garment bag hot air balloons.€� to all of us who read this explanation and had observed this object at the time, the “explanations� given seemed wanting in depth and had many unexplained points unattended to or seemingly ignored in this response. i had personally forgotten about the letter and explanation sent to us from blue book until recently. after rereading the “official� response, it seems pretty easy for me to forget about, even at the age of 10 during the sighting. my mother, sisters, and i were discussing this sighting anew when our mother told us we had received a letter from wright patterson air force base right after the sighting, and she still had a copy. considering the response’s lack of depth and clarity on the sighting, i can see why i forgot about the letter. the letter’s content is important in that it shows some of the standard responses for ufo sightings that were common for that time period whether accurate or inaccurate.

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Credit: MUFON

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