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Monday, March 25, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Gallipolis, Ohio on 2019-03-15 20:30:00 - seen on a highly trafficked flight path from wright patterson afb so we are knowledgable of military traffic.

The light got all of our attention. my mother looked out the door,& said "what is that?" my cousins, brother,& mother all stepped outside to view this disc. it was so close you could see no welds, no seems, nothing, but a seamless,& continues smooth surface. it was gold in color. when we all stepped outside the light went off. it just hung in the sky a few yards from us over my dads hilltop field. after some time we watched as it zipped to,& over our neighbors home,& then at a 90รข° angle it moved at a speed unknown by any military craft we'd ever witnessed. the military craft that flies over our home are so low that you could see the pilot;& read the numbers in this day before the gov't changed their rules for flying low. this disc was massive. the odd thing is we were all around the ages of 10-14. besides my mother, i was the only other female. my cousins,& brother never mentioned this the next day, nor did i remember seeing this thing until a couple of years ago when i was taking chantix to stop smoking. i woke up in a sheer panic,& remembered i had actually saw this when i was a child. i called my mother at 6am to confirm we had actually saw this thing,& she did confirm we had. i no longer reside at this residence, but my mother,& father still do. i know what we saw was not of this world. i would have reported this sooner had i remembered,& had i known who to report it to. i have actually made fun of people for saying they have witnessed these things, until i remembered seeing one myself. there is intelligent life outside of our world,& no one will ever change my mind. i have had a second siteing i'll report once i'm finished with this one. this one very current.

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Credit: MUFON

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