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Thursday, March 14, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Ormond Beach, Florida - Saw triangular craft about 45 feet overhead.

This sighting took place on august 22, 1999 at approximately 12 midnight in ormond-by-the-sea, florida. my friend erick was driving me home from the airport (orlando). i had just returned from hawaii where there was a spiritual gathering with patricia-cota-robeles. we were driving north on john anderson drive, which goes along the river. erick was driving and spotted a bright white light up ahead along the river on our left. he said, “what’s that�. it was coming towards us. he thought it might be a helicopter because it was so low, but we couldn’t hear anything at that point. we turned right onto ocean shore drive. we then made a momentary stop. well when we turned the corner. erick said we lost sight of it. we stopped to try to see it again and if it continued along the river. the object was gone we thought. we pulled into my house’s driveway on the left (52 ocean shore drive). we no sooner got out of the car and stood up when we looked up and see this craft starting to come towards us flying directly over the garage in front of us. continuing over the garage directly over our heads. erick states he heard a slight whirling sound. he said, “it’s powering up�. since it was so low 30 to 40 feet above us. we had no idea what it was doing. it appeared out of nowhere in the backyard when we saw it again in the sky and as it passed over us a slight woosh of air was felt. the air felt charged (ionized). it moved slowly over our heads as we stood and watched it. just as we got a close up look at it we were both stunned and somewhat in a state of mesmerism. i remembered when we saw it coming out from the darkness from behind the house i said, “there it is�. it’s speed was very slow, let’s say as fast as a slow jogger. erick remembered two lights. one bright light on the front and a red one on the back. i remember three lights one on each point of the triangular craft. it appeared to be black, but with no moon it was hard to tell. it had a slight dome on the top. there was a crisp quality in the air, like ionized charged particles. . this all happened in thirty seconds or less as it flew over us. it made a turn then flew east over the ocean. at that point after it flew over us and left we couldn’t tell the speed due to the darkness of the night. we didn’t see any markings and just stood there as it passed over us. we both had no thoughts when we watched it. we then got the luggage out of the car and went into the house. i remember the lights under the ship didn’t throw a light down like a flashlight beam. it then turned and went towards the ocean after it passed over us. where it disappeared.

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Credit: MUFON

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