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Monday, March 25, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Joseph, Oregon on 1997-08-10 02:00:00 - Watched a massive craft, probably in orbit, come over the mountains and flipping end-over-end to the horizon.

I was a kid (11-13) stargazing outside with my best friend in sleeping bags. i still remember this pretty vividly. changed my life. the craft had a dome-shaped “top� (i presume), cylindrical midsection, and a triangular base. we saw it come over the mountains as mostly a glob of light, but as it drew near could see great detail. the cylindrical middle had ridges on it, and glowed red. the dome had white lights around it. this is where the memory gets hazy, but i think the base was glowing blue? it was flipping through the sky, not going up or down, so i’ve always assumed it was in orbit... and the thing had to be massive... like... the space station is pretty big and it’s just a light in the sky... this thing, when it was directly overhead was probably bigger than the moon. the whole time me and my buddy watched it, i kept asking, “should i get my camera, should i get my camera?€� and he kept saying, “i don’t know.€� we were both frozen to the ground. the whole thing lasted probably around 15 minutes. i’ve never heard of anyone describing the craft that i saw, hoping maybe someone else will. i doodle this thing on my papers all the time and it’s become something of an obsession. i don’t have any sketches on my phone, but i just made a pretty rough one with my finger in the notes app.

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Credit: MUFON

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