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Saturday, March 23, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Opa-locka, Florida - My mom has been telling me about the ufo that has visited her house twice. first in 1987 and again in 1997. others say it appears every ten years.

I am reporting this sighting because i think it is important and significant, but mainly because my mom, my cousin and my friend are all too afraid to report what they saw. they don't really wish to think about it, but are respectful to anyone that wants to know what they saw. in 1997 my mom looked out the window at the side of her house and saw a huge 100 yard, chrome ufo hovering just above her roof at the side of her house between her house and the neighbor's house (ranch style house). it had a humming tone that sounded like mmmmm muuuuu mmmmm muuuuu. it had lights shooting out from all around its surface that were pulsating to the tune of the humming sound it was making. ten years earlier my cousin visiting from jamaica saw the same thing and was terrified, but no one believed her, until my mom and friend saw it ten years later. also while listening to coast to coast am in 1997 while working the night shift, a caller from opa-locka called in to the show to report that he saw the same thing, and that they always show up over opa-locka about every ten years, and asked if anyone else had seen them. my mom said she was terrified that it was going to suck her up inside of it through the window, so she ran into her bedroom and locked the door and hid under the covers until the sound went away. in high school, my friends told me about seeing ufo over my 7 square block neighborhood, but i didn't give it much thought. my mom has told me the story several times since 1997. i began to wonder why is it coming to my neighborhood and why does it keep visiting the house i grew up in? i began to investigate and discovered ufos began visiting my neighborhood sixteen days after i was born, when they played with the kids in the school yard of the elementary school i would have attended if they didn't tear it down. as an independent cultural-research anthropologist of ancient sciences from a internationally known and highly respected family of cultural research anthropologists of ancient binary astral sciences, it made me wonder if that has something to do with why they're visiting my mother's house. my father's side of the family has an african village in south carolina where it is common knowledge that et's are our ancient royal ancestors and we should be expecting them. i never really gave that much thought since i never expected too much out the ordinary, but maybe a sighting,, but now that i am 50 years old, and while my mother is still alive.I thought it may be worthwhile to report these close encounters and include the other things i know that may align with the repeat visits to my mother's house. i feel the need to also share the fact that i recently copyrighted a groundbreaking research paper on the pattern of the calculations of the acceleration of gravity i discovered on the ancient egyptian dendera zodiac, that is undeniably shown and appears to point to the great pyramid as if it is a blueprint of the great pyramid as a wormhole stargate. i know it sounds insane, but that's how i felt when i discovered it. it's all kind of eerie, but i guess i should be used to it, i guess. my paper is shocking. the professor and degree'd professionals that has reviewed my research paper can find nothing missing in my equations or theory. perhaps it has something to do with the ufo visits. perhaps it can help. i am also a former (five year) columnist for the international caribbean today news magazine. i happened to investigate and write articles about ufos back in 1991 years before the show x-files began, and a decade before ufo shows began to air on tv, but i am not a trekky and have never been. for the record, i have no history of mental illness or behavioral problems. in fact, i am a peer counselor for individuals with behavioral problems. but i've seen stranger things outside my window growing up that i don't really talk about, however, i know the difference between reality and pseudo science and hallucinations which i've never had. i don't know if it is a good idea to publish my research paper here, so i will await to be advised on that. i hope this helps. thank you so much for listening. that's a burden off my chest. lol

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Credit: MUFON

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