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Saturday, March 30, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Winter Springs, Florida - Ufo encounter

On jan. 12th 2019 i stayed up to watch the lunar eclipse with started around 10:30 pm. i was outside taking some photo shots of the moon and i continued to do this on and off through the whole eclipse. around 12:00 have i heard in the distance something that sounded like thunder but the sky was clear. about 15 minutes later i heard a noise that sounded like loud rumbling noise and i looked up in the sky to see what looked like a big round black spaceship and a smaller round dome shape one in the sky. it was right above me in the sky and a glowing ball descended down and started to speak to me. i turn around and it disappeared and there was a sound of something that was distorted sound of something they to speak that was coming from it. then the small dome shape one moved in front of me it had two round reddish glowing circles in the top of the craft with one of them opened a black and gold looking robot looking thing stood there looking at me. it stayed there for about 5mins. then closed the circles and processed to leave with the big back round ship. as it left the whole sky lite up whitest and there was a loud ringing humming sound. i took some pictures of the crafts but of course, it was night time.

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Credit: MUFON

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