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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Edgewood, Washington on 2019-03-05 20:01:00 - A light flashed me!

At about 7:45 tonight my mother and i walked out on the back porch to smoke a cigarette. we had been discusing various abduction stories and the existence of other life. after about an hour of conversation we went outside and as i stepped off the porch i decided to watch the sky. i looked up at about 80 degrees and observed what i thought was a plane in a usually flight path of sea tac airport. i watched it for about 3 seconds thinking it was a plane at high altitude. the brightness was about those of the stars behind it. but after about 5 seconds all of a sudden the light grew to that of an airplane much closer. it grew quick and without fluttering. it flashed and then dimmed down to the point of disappearing. i thought it was a plane at high altitude but when it dimmed to the point where it was gone and i didnt see a follow up flash as a plane would have. i called for my mom and tried to explained what i just seen while also pointing out its trajectory and while doing that i was pointing where i thought it would have been judging on the pace it was going and i saw it reappear as a dim light again and then fade out to nothing with no flash. i stood there in awe for another 10 minutes watching for anything moving in the direction i had seen it but nothing other then obvious planes coming in on the approach pattern of seatac. i want to note that i have lived here all my life and am familiar with airplanes of all sorts. my family has worked for boeing for generations and my brother is a current air traffic controller with years of military training and experiences of his own. i have had many years of truck driving experience and am trained to observe things over a distance and i think that's what allowed me to track where it was going to be and catch a second look at it. my uncle and i had an experience that was very similar to this one about 13 year ago on the same patio in about the same part of the sky. at that instances we where traking what we thought was a satellite across the sky when it lit up as if to hit warp speed and then was gone. this time tonight it wasnt as bright. it was almost like it signaled me that we had just been talking about "them".

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Credit: MUFON

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