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Friday, March 8, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 1970-05-30 20:00:00 - Disc hovering over power line- lights changing from red to blue to green to bright white.

Going west on m21 west of ionia, mi. when i saw a bright light that i thought was a farmer's mercury light. i pulled to the side of the road (light was on the south, my left). that's when it changed colors and i could see the outline (it was dusk) and it looked like 2 salad plates one opposite the other. there was no sound other than frogs as i was close to the grand river. when the lights went out, i started the car and drove towards lowell. as i glanced to my left i could see that the craft was going the same speed.. i lost sight going through lowell, then saw it again keeping pace (regardless of my speed). as i approached ada, there were 4 other cars pulled over to the roadside. i joined them (next to bennett rd.) as it went directly overhead. it was approx. 100 to 150 feet overhead. i would estimate the craft as 40 feet wide. not a sound. no one said a word and we all drove off. never saw it again. i was on the road that night after making sales calls in mid-michigan and visiting my parents in owosso, mi.

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Credit: MUFON

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