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Sunday, March 17, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Topanga, California on 1989-09-07 20:30:00 - Three glowing orbs

There were three of us in the parking lot of the old topanaga grill at the top of old topanga road on a moonless fall night. as we were about to cross the road toward the restaurant we noticed three very bright orbs of light traveling in a train formation from east to west just behind the restaurant. each orb was approximately the size of a commerical truck ( like a ups vehicle size), very bright white light that glowed steady. with no sound these objects flew very slowly westward just over the tall pine trees and electrical poles then slowed to a stop over the two lane road. light shown through the trees and cast a reflection onto the dirt ground and asphalt pavement. we stood in the center of the road as the objects hovered about 30 feet over the road while we stood 50 feet away from them. the large orbs seemed to be watching us watch them. we said nothing because we were too astounded to speak. the first orb then shot away hormonally toward the ocean at lightning speed while the other two stayed motionless continuing to hover. then the second orb in line waited about 10 seconds and did then same thing as orb #1, shot toward the pacific like a lightning bolt. orb three continued to hover then it winked off and disappeared completely. these objects seemed to view us then leave when we did nothing. we laughed went inside to order a late dinner and talked about ufo's with the waitress but i think she thought we were joking. now about an hour later there was a 2.7 earthquake located on some 6.5 miles off the coast of california. the very same direction the ufo's flew toward an hour earlier. for years i was convinced the light orbs were in fact electro-magnetic plasma created by the deep fault pressures which ejected the light into the low atmosphere. now i just don't know.

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Credit: MUFON

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