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Saturday, March 23, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Franklin, West Virginia on 2010-05-14 22:00:00 - Group of zig-zagging orbs, looked like stars were moving

My family (i’m 40f, dad 67, mom 67) has a cabin in franklin, wva that sits on a mountain close to 3000ft elevation. quick background on the area: we bought the property (40acre mountain) from a 90-something year old man who passed & had only used the property to hunt; nobody had lived there before. from the cabin you can see a handful of other properties across the valley, but it’s very, very isolated. we don’t get mail or get cell phone service there (it’s beautiful!). the only landmark is a top secret naval base, sugargrove, that is now closed, in the valley. it had rows of satilites, some small buildings and barracks onsite. it was definitely built to blend in with the natural environment and was fairly small. we hiked there from our property one time (bout 12 miles) and there were barricades and signs that warned the military will “shoot to kill� anyone entering the facility illegally. it was very serious and i’d never seen something like that before. we were visiting the cabin in the spring of 2011 and had gone outside to look at the stars. it was a totally clear night and you could see them perfectly. as we were standing there, we all immediately took notice of a star that was zigzagging what looked like enormous distances, abruptly stopping and darting across the sky. as we were watching, we saw 4 more of these orb-like zigzagging “things.€�. the best way to explain the appearance of the orbs is: they looked as distant as the stars, but were glowing like a luminous opal...With shades of very light purple and blue. they looked like a bunch of opals in the sky amongst the stars. there was no way this was from any kind of light being projected from the earth. no way. we were all speechless for awhile. they were moving like lightning speed from one place to the next, darting in every direction. so we started going thru any and every explanation for what it could be. spotlights/advertising lights of some kind? no way!! some kind of military jet? impossible. we were baffled. we are 3 well-educated adults and are very much not conspiracy theorists. my dad is a retired detective, my mom is a therapist and i am a substance abuse counselor (and we were all dead sober when we saw this too, btw). we didn’t consider ourselves the “kind of people� who “believe in� ufo sightings. we definitely all believe we aren’t alone in the universe, but doubted the people who claimed to see ufos or be abducted. so boy did this humble us! i apologize to all of you out there i doubted!! ;) we were determined to find an answer but there was literally nothing we could attribute to what we were seeing. we ended up deciding it was definitely either a ufo or some kind of crazy secret project from the sugargrove naval base, but the base didn’t have any planes or an airstrip for landing or taking off, which made that option highly unlikely too. we don’t have any neighbors up there (we own the 40 acre mountain) so we didn’t have any neighbors to vouch for what we saw. i’ve told people about this over the years and they look at me like i’m some nutso conspiracy theorist. but when the 3 of us reminisce on that night, we all agree it was something other-worldly and that we must not have been the only ones who saw it that night. i’m very curious to see if anyone can explain what i saw? like i said, there was no way these orbs were being projected by something on the ground. i am 100% sure of that!

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Credit: MUFON

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