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Thursday, March 21, 2019

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UFO Sighting in St. George Island, Florida on 1993-03-17 02:00:00 - Object directly over home intense light no sound

I’ve only shared this with a few individuals, one being a school secretary whose neighbor had a similar incident a year or so prior to mine. in 1993, around 2am, i was awaken by my dog growling at a guest bedroom sliding glass door, he’d parted the vertical blinds to see out. i heard nothing; i looked through the vertical blinds and it was pitch dark. i stared intently trying to see a raccoon or other wildlife, none. all of a sudden the brightest most intense light i’ve ever experienced immediately lit up my entire yard, my pond; it was so bright it absorbed all objects across my street: trees and wetland area. the light was so intense that the sun deck above the deck i was overlooking looked as if the cracks between the slats were slates of light, flat beams of light. no sound whatsoever. my dog was livid. i couldn’t make sense of what was happening. both homes on either side of me were vacant at the time. i didn’t walk onto the deck nor open the door, i called for my husband, he later shared he didn’t hear me. the intense light seemed to have lasted minutes, my approximation is four minutes. all of a sudden, the light went out, no sound. my eyes had to reacclimate to the darkness; and my dog was hesitant to leave the sliding glass door. i inspected the outside of my home the next morning, everything seemed normal. i shared this experience with a few people at work, one being the school secretary, she shared a similar incident where her neighbor and cows were frightened by the same type experience. if i remember correctly, a cow may have died, don’t hold me to that because it’s been 26 years since speaking of this. i hope my shared experience assists you in some way.

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Credit: MUFON

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