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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Easton, Pennsylvania on 1972-07-31 20:00:00 - Observed a blimp-submarine-like vehicle with flashing, pulsating lights flying over my house.

I was seven years old at the time. i had just gone to bed when something drew me to the window above my bed. i looked up and out and saw an aerial vehicle, approximately 30-40 feet long resembling a cross between a blimp and captain nemo's nautilus submarine slowly flying overhead on a seemingly straight path toward the west. i was able to see the vehicle perfectly, including the silhouettes of three humanoid figures moving inside the craft through translucent windows located along the midsection of the vehicle. the vehicle had domes on both the top and bottom which pulsated in red-orange and yellow lights in synchronized circular patterns. i was able to see the vehicle at almost all angles, including from a point of view outside of my home. it made absolutely no sound at all. i watched it fly over my home and toward the sunset. i then ran downstairs and told my parents. the next day, my mother and i were listening to the local radio station (which was just up the hill from my house) and we heard a report of others having also seen the ufo.

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Credit: MUFON

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