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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on 1977-10-25 22:30:00 - Slow moving cylinder and missing time

Location: lee’s summit, mo year: 1977 time: appx. 10:30-11:00 weather: no haze or cloud cover; no wind; abundant stars. temp: appx. 45 degrees w/ some dew. my friend and i were sitting on a dirt road between two pastures near his house. we were both 14 then. his house was way out in the country—lee’s summit was relatively undeveloped at the time. it was the only house in view, surrounded by large cow pastures (each pasture was about 50 acres). there was no ambient light or light pollution. as we were talking, i noticed what i thought was a plane at maximum altitude, moving from our left to right (west to east). it was just a pin prick of steady white, about the same luminosity as the stars in the background. i then decided it must be a satellite, since the light didn’t blink and there were no green or red anti collision lights. i pointed it out to my friend. i joked “maybe it’s a ufo� and told my friend i’d try to communicate telepathically with it. we laughed, but i tried anyway. after a full minute of trying to communicate, the light suddenly fell out of orbit, growing in size as it approached. it descended at about a 45 degree angle, parallel to the road in front of my fiends house and in line with its previous course. it stopped its descent approximately 1/2 mile from us, at an estimated 200 foot altitude (the same as a 20 story building). as it stopped its angled descent, it seamlessly transitioned to a flat trajectory at an approximate angle of 22 degrees from the road. at this point, i could see details of its shape and surface. it was cylindrical and about 50 feet long; both ends were flat, like a rope that’s been cut. the front (?) had asymmetrical, silver antennas—the arms of the antennas reminded me of a saguaro cactus. the craft appeared to be covered with large, white, rectangular glazed ceramic tiles, in a uniform grid pattern covering the entire craft. there was no discernible insignia or design or letters. there was a soft white light or glow that illuminated the antennas, though i couldn't find the source of the light. there were no windows or portals, though i could ‘sense’ an intelligent presence inside it. it maintained its altitude as it moved slowly and absolutely silent behind my friends house, heading towards the trees that lined a small creek. it suddenly shot an intense bluish-white beam to the ground, which scared the cattle that were grazing or sleeping in the pasture behind the house. we both shouted “whoa!€� at the same time when this happened. the cattle got nervous and started lowing and stampeding towards the tree line and creek, but were otherwise okay. as the craft reached the creek, it changed directions slightly, heading northeast. after another few seconds, the beam cut off and we lost sight of it behind the trees. all of the cattle were accounted for and seemed healthy the next day. about 20 minutes later, a helicopter flew the same path and direction, but i couldn’t identify the model or whether it was civilian or military. the helicopter circled the neighboring pasture beyond the trees once, using a search light (which wasn’t as intense as the beam that shot from the craft) then continued on the approximate same path the craft had taken when we lost sight of it. the next thing i remember, i became aware that the seat of my pants were wet and cold. it was almost like i’d just woken up. we’d been there for what seemed only 30 minutes. we walked back to his house, arguing about what we’d both just seen and how long we’d been outside. we promised never to say anything to anyone. when we reached his house, he checked the clock on the stove. it was 3:00 a.M.! i had no marks or scratches or anything out of the ordinary on me. i haven’t seen any ‘ufo’s’ since then, nor experienced anything unusual. i lost track of my friend after we moved the following year. his family farm is now a subdivision. i only told one other person about the experience (many years later), for fear of being thought of as ‘crazy’. i later joined the military and was granted a ts/sci clearance after i left the military.

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Credit: MUFON

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