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Monday, March 4, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 2015-05-23 15:30:00 - Steel-gray cylinder with 3 "ribbon" tails stationary next to thundersorm cloud

Sat 23 may 2015 (approx. 3:30pm cst) american airlines flight 5777 – dfw to hsv i was flying back from phoenix az to huntsville al and had a layover in dfw. in dfw there where storms coming in and we were, i believe the last flight out before they stopped flights, because of the approaching storms. i was sitting in seat 17f, which was on the starboard side. once we were up and got to cruising altitude (approx. 27-30k feet) we started banking to the starboard side to fly around a huge thunderstorm, which had a real tall thick chimney type plume. we had to be miles from this thing because it was slow go on getting around it. as i was looking at this huge cloud i noticed off the port side of the plume a steel-gray cigar shaped object sitting real close to the top of the cloud. it was almost touching it. this object had to be huge. i was thinking it had to be as big as an aircraft carrier or the empire state building on its side. as we continued to come around i saw that it had three grayish “ribbon� like tails coming out of the back end. these’ “ribbons’ where three times the length of the object and were all the same length. they were stretched out straight behind the object and were in a wave form. i thought the wind might be catching them but no clouds where moving and the “ribbons� where move moving. the object had zero markings that i could see. i thought i could be a weather balloon or a blimp, with it sitting so close to the cloud…not moving at all, at that altitude, no markings or other things hanging, and the size itself, i knew it wasn’t. now as we were banking around the object was not moving. not up, not down not side to side….It just sat there like it was anchored to the cloud itself. about 3 minutes from the time i first saw the object, the object, along with the “ribbons�, started to pivot to our right. it was almost like it was pivoting around the cloud. the object nor the “ribbons’ moved or up or down. the whole thing just pivoted around the cloud like it was trying to hide. from the looks of it, it was moving just a little faster then we were. as the object started to go behind the cloud we were still banking and i was thinking that it is about to be hidden from my view and was curious if it would be on the other side once we came around. as i was watching the object go behind the cloud, and once we came around, the object was nowhere to be seen. during this time i was looking in all directions and i never saw it move off in any direction from the cloud. this whole sighting lasted for around 8-10 minutes. i thought about getting my phone out but i didn’t want to lose sight of it, plus the window was at my right shoulder and i didn’t want to put my phone there since the person behind me would see it. hindsight….I should have.

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Credit: MUFON

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