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Saturday, March 16, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Huntly, Scotland on 1998-03-06 03:00:00 - Police dispatch - officers observe black triangle ufo take off and ascend

Location: huntly, victoria, australia. lat: -36.6629 long:144.33400000000006 incident type: police call out for audible security alarm location: rural building site witness': 2x police officers this event occurred just to the north of the township of bendigo, a small rural city with a population of approximately 100,000 people. i am not a witness to this event, however i have received an independent account from both witnesses on an apparent ufo close contact sighting which occurred sometime in the late 90s. it is worth noting that both officers were reluctant to speak of the incident, and the only variation between witness accounts was the exact detailing of the craft. the following account will be told, as it was told to me approximately 6 years ago. during a nightshift patrol, me and my offsider were dispatched to an audible security alarm in huntly. back then there were no houses around the area, the call it self was to a building site, with a temporary office building on site. as we approached, we stopped our vehicle approximately 30 meters off the small building, with our headlights shining toward the premises. we turned our vehicle off and approached on foot, there was indeed an audible alarm. as we investigated the premises we established it was secure and no forced entry or tampering had occurred. almost at this point, the alarm stopped. we returned to our vehicle, and attempted to start it. the vehicle was completely drained off all power and was unresponsive. the police radio batteries were also flat and unresponsive. this is a time before mobile phones, so we sat in the car, in a now dark field and were brainstorming ideas on how to return to the city limits. it is at this point, approximately 100 meters behind the portable office building, in the direction we were facing, a large black triangle, with a point of light in each corner, slowly and silently ascended off the ground. it then flattened out and slowly disappeared out of sight over the tree laid horizon. once the object was out of sight, all electrical items returned to function, and we were able to start the vehicle and leave the area.

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Credit: MUFON

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