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Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Georgetown, Utah on 2005-09-12 18:00:00 - From kentucky to california, our ufo encounter

In mid september 2005, me, & my then 18 year old son left lexington, kentucky and headed for monterey, california where i had taken a job at the defense language institute. i hate being cooped up in the car so every time we take a road trip my one rule is that by dark we are in a hotel for the evening, that 1200(ish) mile trip takes me 2 nights & 3 days. this trip was going pretty much like countless others we’d taken from here to there, after a point all the roads & towns start to look like every other one, at least to me. it was late in the afternoon & we were about an hour to an hour & a half out before we would reach the town we would stay in this night when my younger son asked me if a light he had noticed to our left was a plane or not ~ i was driving, so i took a quick look at it and said “yeah, that’s what it looks like to me� to which he said, “well it has been there for a while now� but i assured him it was a plane & he & i continued talking about what ever it was we were talking about & about; 10 to 15 minutes later he said something to the effect of: if that’s a plane it hasn’t moved, it’s still there. thinking it was just a plane at first glance i’d forgotten all about it, but on my second look not only was it still there it seemed closer to us now. i told him he was right & that i’d keep my eye on it to see if i could see what it is as i have excellent long distance vision distance & he does not. dusk was coming & there were very few cars on the road, but the light was still with us, it was a pretty blue color and the longer it stayed with us the more interested i became & the more uneasy my son became. by the time we got to the hotel it was dark, the light arrived at the same time we did & it was very close to us now & seemed to be following us – which i was sure was an illusion until we got to the hotel. when we got to the hotel the light arrived with us and was hovering over it, i was so excited (& a little afraid) i could not wait to get out of the car and get a good look. my son was no longer into this, he was afraid. when we got out of the car it seemed even lower. we could see now that our light was a rectangular shaped “ship� & where it’s light looked blue at a distance it was white now & lit up what i guess to be the bottom of the ship, although we could not tell where the light was coming from, it was luminous. the ship was a gunmetal grey color, there were a lot of very clear symbols underneath it & we could not hear any sound coming from it. we stood in the parking lot of the hotel & stared up at it for i don’t know how long, i was so taken with it, when i finally looked at my son, he was both pale & red, he looked sick & very afraid, so we went into the lobby to get our room, it was all i could do to stop looking and walk away. once inside, the first thing i did was i ask the desk attendant if there was some event going on this weekend an expo of any kind or convention anything, she said no; standing there, i couldn’t take it any more, i blurted out something like: well there is a space ship hovering over your parking lot, you gotta see this it’s amazing!!! i started walking toward the door, she did not move & although there was a space ship right outside the door what this woman said gave me one of the biggest shocks of that night ~ she said no. i thought maybe she was afraid although i was not feeling fear from her, so in my excitement i said well then just look out the window, you have to see this! again she said no, finished up with our room, she gave me the keys & just stood there as if i’d never said anything about the huge lit-up space craft right outside the damn door!! so we went back to the car to get our things the dogs & i again stood there looking up feeling so many different things, until my son who again started to look sick said he had to go inside, i knew he was afraid so i went with him, but i could not stop talking about it which was doing him no good, in fact he asked me to stop talking. let me remind you that we were moving from one state to another, this was not a pleasure trip so my camera was packed with everything else since we had made this run 3 or 4 times in the past, i thought there would be nothing i’d want a picture of. also, the phone i had in 2005 was a verizon flip, no camera i though it stupid to have a camera on my phone, but this night i might have killed for one. anyway, i got my phone & went outside look some more & to call my other son michael, who is a little more like me when it comes to this type of thing. michael & my live in boyfriend at the time were still in kentucky & i thought he’d get a kick out of what i was about to tell him, so i told him, here comes surprise number 2 of my nigh- when i told him about what i was looking at, he told me that they had been outside looking at 2 ships similar "ships" right in front of our house. the two 'ships" they saw did not seem to be as low as the one i was looking at, they could not make out the symbols underneath them, where we could see them clearly. i don not know how long stayed outside & i talked to them, but i was getting hungry so we hung up and i went inside to see what ryan, my son wanted for dinner, he was not feeling well, so told him that i go & get dinner & bring it back. it was later than i’d thought & all that was open were the drive-up fast food windows so that is where i went; when i got to the window i asked the girl there if anyone had come through & said anything to her about a ufo, she said no - so i told her there was one right there, the hotel was about 3 blocks, this ship was very large and could easily be seen from there; i told her to go to the other window and take a look - but she, like the woman at the hotel was completely uninterested in walking a few feet to see something really extraordinary, i did not understand. after we ate i sat outside looking at the ship & thinking until i got tired and had to bed. in the morning it was gone, we stopped at a gas station to fill up on our way out, i asked the clerk there if he had seen the ship last night or if he had heard anyone talking about it today, again i was told no, he knew nothing & had heard nothing…. the town we stayed in is called st george, utah, later i was told that this area is a hot spot for ufo sightings, this may be so but it still does not explain why no one seem to see it but us or why those i talked to would not even lean out a window to take a look, nor why two similar ships were in front of our house in kentucky 5 states away & seen by both my son & boyfriend. this "ship" was there so long longest and was the clearest ‘thing’ i have ever seen in the sky -

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Credit: MUFON

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