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Monday, March 4, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Norman, Oklahoma on 1996-07-15 21:15:00 - Huge ufo descended to eye level

I went outside to check on my horses in the evening. it was before i went to bed about 9 or 10 pm. i was walking along the fence line next to landsaw drive calling for sharky, my mare, when i saw some lights approaching. it seemed to be about 4 lights arranged in a straight line. i thought it was a plane, perhaps something from tinker afb, which was north east of my house about 20 miles. they often flew awac observation planes over my house at high altitudes. this was the second time i had seen something like this flying low towards me, but this time it was different. it flew much lower and descended low as if it was going to land on landsaw drive which was impossible because landsaw was treelined and the object was much too large for that. it flew slow until it was almost beside me and at eye level. then i looked up to the north of me and saw a light that looked like a plane approaching from the direction of tinker afb. it was very small and far away when i saw it release a missile of some sort that seemed to be aimed at the object near the ground. i saw the trajectory of the missile as it flew towards the object near the ground beside me, but it passed harmlessly overhead and over the treetops near my house. then the object beside me disappeared. i thought i was hallucinating, but i don't do drugs and was not taking any drugs at the time. the sighting was so real and so disturbing that i wondered at it. the next morning i called someone that i used to work with at the national weather service operational support facility, a major in the air force, and left a message on his phone asking him if tinker afb was doing any kind of military exercises with airplanes near my house. that was the end of the incident and nothing else has happened since that time.

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Credit: MUFON

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