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Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2012-03-10 02:00:00 - Huge triangle size of my back yard was hovering on top of a tree

So my ex boyfriend and me at the time saw this dark black triangle hovering on top of my neighbors tree , when we were driving we stopped at the stop sign and i looked up , i had my sun roof down we stared at it with open mouths this huge triangle the size of my back yard was so quiet like i did not hear anything not even the wind at 2 am in san antonio to i’n the east side this was crazy i told my bff to follow it a soon as it started moving he was too scared and pulled into my drive way bt i saw this object dissapear so weird . this is not the only time i’ve encounterysomething like that almost head on . i was coming from laredo txt with my mom and brothers and pulled over to the side of the rode because we saw a circular object hovering with beautiful lights around it we where underneath it and at the age of 10 i stuck my head out of the window looked up amazed and we left . over a period of time i kept seeing these weird stars that would look exactly like fireflies at night sometime they would come in pairs dim their lights or fly togheter in weird opposite directions that’s when i knew it wasn’t a plane so my sister and me would try new theory’s out every other night and i found out a lot about them tru energy . i figured out i can manifest them tru energy so basically it works like this just like some people pray and send their prayer tru their mind to god with suppose energy waves you can do the same with these things i had to concentrate until my gut started to feel warm and say to my self i see you while looking up in the sky stare at it for a couple of minutes and i’d start seeing these weird things appear and fly weird so my sister and me would do that quiet often and it seems to work every other time when it’s not cloudy and all stars are visibly clear at night . so i’m 23 now i’ve seen over 15 weird flying objects tru out the age of 10 idk what they want they do seem to know me

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Credit: MUFON

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