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Thursday, March 14, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Gardner, Kansas on 2009-09-09 22:00:00 - Two instances of unexplained video footage i'm trying to send to the right person.

Both cases are documented on video. the first is what i thought was just a meteor just falling from the sky with a tail behind it. when i first saw the object i ran inside to grab my camera and the rest is what was recorded. it was moving at a fairly slower speed and then comes to a complete stop. the object is bright like a star but is only a mile or two in the sky. then the object begins to emit a sparkling material from the bottom falling downwards. it does this for five or ten minutes and then begins to fade out like a light dimming and then slowly dimming back on. it does this a few times before finally disappearing. this was around 10pm at night. my second case is at the same location with the same video camera. this was during the day around the afternoon or so and was honestly a little stranger than the first incident. sitting in the same spot as the last location i notice what appeared to be multiple black bell shaped objects rotating in movement and heading from the south. like my first case i had to run inside and grab my camera. when i first saw the objects appear there must have been 20 to 30 flying over my apartments. by the time i recorded this incident i recorded seven or eight objects. the body of the object almost appeared to be moving in a strange controlled way. i also want to state that about a mile south of where i was living is a old missile base. i've had these recordings now for about ten years. the footage was recorded on a sony dcr vx2100, so a pretty good video camera for it's time. my issue here is my camera will hardly play the footage. i'm not sure if it's an issue with my camera or possibly the tape. i'm wanting to find someone who can possibly fix my tape issue and get a professional opinion on what i saw. i've been stuck on the ufo topic and what else is obviously out there since these sightings and i would love to know more. please contact back with some kind of info. even if you guys cant do anything, maybe a reference to somewhere else. answers i think would really help. thanks you. dylan.

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Credit: MUFON

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