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Monday, March 18, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Glasgow, Kentucky on 2013-08-08 05:50:00 - Undescribable shape hovering over kentucky county woodlands

This is the first of 3 separate occasions i've witnessed what i personally believe to be an extraterrestrial or interdimensional craft. on approximately august 8th 2013 (year and month are exact) at approximately 5:50am i had woken up roughly 30 mins prior for what i thought was excitement due to it being move in day for my freshman year of college, but what i found upon rolling over at 5:50am changed that thought real quick. so i rolled over and gazing out my window because it was light enough to see but the sun hadnt quite yet peaked over the horizon and i wanted to just look at the day ahead but instead i saw what i can best describe as a"trapezoidal "craft" hovering over the treeline with 5 pulsating light "probes" hovering below the object. now the craft seemed to have an environmental cover because while i clearly saw the outline the object itself seemed transparent outside of what i assumed was the "bottom" of the "craft" which was a metallic silver almost chrome-like in appearance. the 5 "probes" where also just hovering below the "bottom" of the craft while they seemed to pulsate at their own rate(not in any sequence or timing) they did follow a pattern in which they would pulsate their color. it would go green-yellow-blue-red-white. i watch this for 45 minutes non-stop green-yellow-blue-red-white, the entire time it was completely silent outside(had my window open) no birds chirping or even the sound of cars as they drove down the state road. it was almost as if the mute button had been hit outside, until that urge of the morning urination cant be held in any longer. i had stepped away to release my bladder couldnt have beem gone for more than 30 seconds and the "craft" and "probes" where gone without a trace and you could hear the birds chirping and the cars passing outside. i watched for roughly another 10 mins waiting to see if the "craft" returned(due to the need of showering and loading up my car) nothing appeared in that time. this was an amazing event that i witnessed and i'm sorry i can't provide any physical evidence due to me just being in awe of what i was witnessing, but i can say that this "craft" massive in size and indescribable in shape it had to be on the closer side to a mile away but the outline nearly covered the entire window in length across. forgotten mentions: â—� the day itself was a grey day not really cloudy in the lower atmosphere but the sun just never seemed to peak through. â—� my dog at the time that i had woken up at was shaking in fear behind my bags, and when i tried to put her on my bed she jumped off and went back behind my bags. thank you for reading my first encounter, hopefully there are others out there that have witnessed the same "craft".

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Credit: MUFON

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