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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Plainview, New York on 1974-06-17 02:12:00 - Occurred outside of house located at 85 victor st, plainview, ny

This is the first time i have ever told a sole, and i didn't know how to answer some of your questions because i lost time. i will describe as best i can. i was sleeping at home. my bedroom faced west. i woke to the sound of something making a hovering/humming side and pulsating white lights coming from behind the wood shutters that were closed and on the window facing west. i remember being terrified and thought perhaps i was dreaming so i smacked my arm hard against the counter top of my built- in dresser. it hurt like hell and yes, the next morning i had a serious bruise. after several minutes i decided to look out and see what was beyond the shutters.Just as my hand hit the latch a force inside my head told me to stop. this made me terrified. it was as if i was being controlled because somehow i found myself laying back down on my bed and a voice in my head began repeating over and over go back to sleep. the next thing i knew it was over two hours later. after that i just lay on my bed shaking, waiting for morning. the minute the sun came up i ran outside to the street and there in front of my house, in the street (which was paved) were the impressions of triangles, there were three of them approximately ten feet equally distant from each other. i touched the ground, measured the depth at about three inches. i came out several times of day on that date and they remained. the scariest part of all of this, is after this incident i started to have some psychic abilities and every watch i ever had, would never work on me. watches just never would keep time. i am now 62 and have never told a sole about this incident because even just thinking about it, my heart rate increases to the point of breathing difficulty. i don't think i will ever be able to explain this incident clearly. this was my second ufo encounter at the same address. i only wish i knew why.

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Credit: MUFON

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