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Thursday, March 14, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Warren, Michigan on 2019-03-14 07:10:00 - I saw 4 in total at various places along my route to work. blinking lights that then turned to dull orange steady glowing in x formation.

At 7:10 am i was driving east on 11mile road getting onto the entrance of east 96 expresway when i noticed a stationary group of lights to my left about 30 to 45 degs above the horizon. object had three distinct bright lights in a triangular pattern with blinking lights (red, white, maybe green). at first i thought it was maybe a helicopter but while trying to focus on it the lights changed to a dull orange like sodium lights and were in a cross formation. it was just about dawn and i could almost see the outline of the object. i continued getting off at the mound rd exit and could still see it off to the left but now slightly behind me. about 4 miles further along mound rd as i approached 14 mile rd i saw another one. same side (left of me to the nw) and slightly higher in the sky. i shot a short bit of video of it but did not get the orange light switch, which it did also do after viewing it for a minute or so. i could see what i think was the body of the object that resembled i-beams going to a central "body?" my window was open slightly in the car and i didn't hear any sound from it even though it seemed fairly low. it's hard to guess but 500ft....Maybe less/more. the video i took makes it look much farther away than it was. i also didn't get very clear footage as i was driving. i then saw another when approaching 17 mile road but it was a bit stranger in that i was actively scanning the horizon looking for one when it seemed to "appear" almost directly in front of me and slightly to my right (ne) about where the windshield meets the roof-line of my car. (small sedan) i admit i could have just missed it but i was actively looking and they were bright, and low. all of them seemed to be maybe going west or north west but not at any detectable or discernible speed. with the cloud cover making the background darker i couldn't see the body of this object and i also did not see the dull orange lights on this one. i then again saw another one much higher in the sky and moving for sure in the nw direction when i got to work at 7:30am at mound and 18 1/2 mile roads. this one looked like it had the orange lights but it was considerably brighter and the lights were "inline" with the object. it was too far up and away to discern shape ect. i hope this is an explainable object that i'm missing somehow because i'm not ready for an existential crisis. trying to figure out what i was even looking at made me panic and my heart-rate accelerate.

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Credit: MUFON

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