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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Sedan, Kansas on 2019-03-13 19:45:00 - Multitude of objects and lights seen

Date: march 13th 2019 time: 1930-2030 sedan, ks we where leaving bucks bbq around 1930 maybe closer to 1945, when i noticed to the north a set of large orange light appearing horizontally from west to east. around 7 of them one coming on right after the other. the did not move but just stayed in the sky. the appeared to be about a mile away and about a mile in the sky. the went out in the same pattern as they appeared. we looked for any signs of a plane, thinking that they where flares. but there was not a plane in the sky, and they didn’t move. we had high wind warning that day. this is the plains and our high winds reach gust of over 70mph. my friend is an airplane mechanic and thought they didn’t look anything like flares. we headed north on 99hwy immediately wanting to get back to the property that his parents own and we where staying. about a mile north of bucks, to the west the same kind of lights in the same number just appeared. we tried to film them but could not get a good view. we turned onto quivira road heading east and pulled over. we got out of the car to see if we could get a better view. we say two, only two, of the same lights appear almost right above us but more northernly, and before i could get the camera pointed at them, they just disappeared. we retreated to the car and continued to head east. i called my wife to tell what we had seen, because she had been with us a month before and witnessed strange events as well. off in the distance we witnessed a plane dropping flares. it was very distinctly a plane. dropping flares. this looked nothing like the light we had seen and nothing like the flares my friend recorded months before. we turned on to heading north. we where honestly in a frantic mode trying to reason with what we where seeing. i noticed off to the east some strobe like lights in the sky. i was able to record some of what we saw, but the film is horribly poor. we saw between 30-60 bright strobe style lights in the sky. i watched as they stretched off to the east on north. yet we saw no planes. i thought they where planes, my friend thought they where planes, but we saw no planes. there where so many in the sky that i can not speculate as to what they were. i don’t know what we saw that night and what we experienced. this is not the only thing we have witnessed.

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Credit: MUFON

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