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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Islip Terrace, New York on 2019-04-10 11:15:00 - Bright orb of light that hovered, changed directions.

I was on otis rd in islip terrace when i was skywatching with my binoculars and i noticed above me towards the south what appeared to be a bright orb of light. at first it was stationary but then suddenly moved in the opposite direction that the clouds were coming from which was from the west. as it moved through the clouds i could still see the orb as it stood out from behind the clouds. it did several sudden moves then it would stop n sit for several moments before suddenly moving off in another direction. my first thought was a balloon but as the thing did not move as a balloon and was also brightly visible even behind the clouds and moved against the wind lead me to believe it was not a balloon. this is the second time i spotted this ufo. the first time was about a month or so back. i was scanning the sky with my binoculars when i noticed this orb of light come out from behind the clouds and then shoot right back where it came from n back into the clouds. the whole sighting lasted roughly 4 minutes or so. it seemed to be sticking to a general area. i kept close watch with my binoculars but couldnt see any detail. just an orb brighter than the clouds. like a bright speck of light that moved. finally it moved into a large thick patch of clouds and was lost to sight. scanned sky for a while after trying to find it but no luck. i will be investing in some binoculars with built in camcorder for this reason.

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Credit: MUFON

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