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Monday, April 1, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Paquera, Provincia de Puntarenas on 2016-11-25 20:30:00 - Black triangle (looked like submarine) twirling across sky

We were wading at montezuma town beach, one of my travel companions was sitting in the water facing the beach, and he entirely missed the thing my friend was standing next to me, thigh deep in the water, we were facing the horizon. there were a couple of boats easily identifiable out on the horizon, and although its hard to tell exact distances at night, they seemed to have even a better vantage point than we did of the event. all of a sudden, a giant black triangle with flashing red and white lights and what looked like circular portholes came out of nowhere and started spinning like a pinwheel and bouncing across the sky. it went at least a few miles bouncing back and fourth across the sky about 3 times, then it shifted upwards and seemed to disappear right into the ocean. my impression at the time was that it actually entered the water, but there was no visible disturbance of the water. it could have just gone level with the water and whipped away at an inpossible speed along it's surface, but it seemed to just disappear. the whole thing only lasted a few seconds, not long enough for my companion in the water to turn around in reaction to our gasps, although he was drinking, my friend and i who saw the thing were sober as you can get! so it lasted as long as it takes a drunk person sitting in the water to do a 180ã¢â°spin. my friend and i who saw it were immediately freaking out about what we had just seen. my first impression of it was a flying, angular, black, submarine in the sky. the larger circle lights that did not change looked like portholes and seemed backlit like windows. my friend didn't take them immediately to be portholes like i did, but she thought they could be. it was something way beyond my reasoning, moved faster than anything and with a grace i had never seen before. come to find out later that week from locals that people in this town see ufos (which they pronounce ooh-fohs) all the time. they see shape shifting spheres, triangles like the one we saw, and metal orbs all the time. it is a normal occurance in this town and other neighboring areas on the peninsula. they even see them in broad daylight, and surfers see them a lot far out on the horizon. for some reason when i first reported this it showed up on the map as west palm beach fl, this event occurred in montezuma costa rica.

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Credit: MUFON

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