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Sunday, April 7, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Alamo , Nevada on 2019-04-03 22:05:00 - Various sightings while camped at tikaboo peak.

I lived in vegas for a year back in 2015, during which time my friend and i would travel to 375 just out of interest. we made it a summer hobby after the second visit where we saw things we could not explain. i moved back to denver, co a few years ago and just returned from a trip back out to alamo. april 3rd: myself, jean and jonathan, set out to reach tikaboo peak to see past the natural barriers that block the view to the base from 375. due to the time of the year, there were no groups seeking observation of the base. during the summer months, many people travel 375 to reach the gate and draw attention to themselves. we also went at this time of year to avoid any other hikers on tikaboo peak. nobody looking to observe groom lake purely for a thrill would be in their right mind to go in this weather. it was about 39 degrees outside during nightfall with no moonlight until 530am. the peak was covered in 3ft deep snow and we stayed far clear from the "weather tower" that was at the base summit. information: we are not those who see lights in the sky and think aliens. we know the difference between a helicopter, jet or satellite. on a few trips up to 375 overlooking groom lake we observed war games with black hawks and f-22's in fighter formation shooting off flares at one another. we know what the standard military aero tech looks like. my educational background provided me with an above average understanding of physics, which allows me to explain things first with ration while theory and speculation is secondary nature. when we would visit the area we would attempt to keep a low profile. we never drove to the gate or put attention upon ourselves in attempts not to make it obvious as to our intentions of observation. we reached the peak around 8pm. in the distance, we could see the base with ease. beyond it, about 20 miles looked to be another structure with building lit activity. the base was active, with black hawks, f-22s and f-35's around within a 50-mile radius. some black hawks were not visible with blinking tail lights. the black hawks when lit always carry a green and blue tail light while the jets carry a blinking white and red indicator lights. there was the normal cast of fog over the valley between bald mountain and 375. but on the peak we had a visibility of over 120 miles on average. 1. below us about a half mile away we noticed a red light about 20ft in diameter far beyond the view of any public land other than the peak. the red light began to shoot out the same sized red orbs. the orbs where not blurry or distorted, they had a clear shape and definition to them. it could have been explained away as possible tech that surveys the land. however the orbs were in the masses, perhaps 20 of them being shot out what appeared to be at random but with purpose and intent to their direction. some would loop back around and reabsorb into the original orb. others would ping around in various directions for longer than the others. the movements were not taken in curves like most objects bound to gravity, rather they would change direction they would do so with sharp directional adjustments. as if someone was playing a game of gallagher in the valley. they moved like pixels in a monitor, not like drones and certainly not like flashlights. they would roam around for about 1 minute and about 1 mile from there origin. a black hawk coming from the base began to drop flares in the area we saw the lights. this went on for about an hour. a couple of truck lights could be seen turning on and heading in the direction of the lights and when they got about a half mile they away is when the lights no longer could be seen, all heading s. 2. in the distance, we could see lights emerging from the clouds that were clearly in formation 3 in a cluster in most cases, totaling in about 4 clusters about a 10 miles away. after just seeing the flares were could tell these were not flares. the flares would fade out after about 3 mins and 30 seconds and would leave a smoke trail and they would act like falling objects. the lights had a white-defined glow to them, not blurry but rather pulsing with the light it was emitting. they began to spin slowly while still in formation as the jets and black hawks circled but keeping a 4 to 5-mile distance from the lights. they seemed to float only moving at about 5mph. each light had to be about 15ft in diameter but if they outlined a structure they must have been over 300 yards in diameter heading sw. 3. large flashes of lights like transformers blowing up could be seen in various directions at ground level. we observed this for about 2 hours all contained from north to southwest. 4. then we saw what we could only describe a blue particle field distorted in shape but clearly electrically charged for we could feel the density of the air push towards us as it formed. we witnessed this for about 3 seconds. small blips of lights were in amoung charged area of the sky they looked like evaporating charged electrons. the distortion was over 400 yards in diameter and about 5 miles away heading nw. we briefly saw what looked like a structure inside the distorted area of the sky but happened too fast for us to speculate. all and all the military activity seemed to stay in a particular formation that gave the impression they were aware of the other objects but staying clear and when engaged the lights would vanish. it was clear that the military activity was completely separate in organization to the unknown lights either on purpose or victim to purely observation just as we were. the entire time we could clearly hear the blades of the helicopters and engines of the jets. we were equipped with canon image stabilizer binoculars. we made our descent to the base camp and car around midnight. we are experienced hikers and hiking during the night was done with ease. we don't know what we saw that night but we know whatever it was we were not meant to.

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Credit: MUFON

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