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Sunday, April 14, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Kingston, Devon, on 2016-05-09 21:00:00 - We thought it was a plane, it had 2 white lights appearing like landing lights, the lights either side were blue/violet. it looked as if low flying

Me and some friends were having a fire on the sand, it was a clear spring evening. we were at a river mouth that leads out to the sea. there was a tree line either side, and the river meets the sea to the south. the stars started to show in the darkening sky above and the evening light still showed above the tree line to the west along the river. we saw what looked like a low flying plane that flew silently, like a glider. there were no red or green lights. no flashing lights just 4 lights. it moved directly over us from the evening light to the west. it consisted of two bright white lights, one in front of the other very close, almost like landing lights on a plane. either side were two smaller lights as if at the tips of it’s wings. these lights were violet blue and were dimming and brightening randomly and slowly. i decided to follow these lights move directly overhead towards the starry eastern sky. as these lights moved over i felt a strange sense of awe, i realised the lights either side were very sharp in quality, like crystal sharp. still dimming and brightening randomly. i was transfixed and as i watched these lights move further to the east. it made me feel like i was seeing something vast, it’s the only way i can explain it. these lights still in a cross like formation (like the middle of a plane) all dimmed out and faded into one point of light and, just like a satellite it faded into nothing. it appeared to make sense to me that it was at the height of a satellite because it faded as it moved away from the suns position below the western horizon. if it were a plane it would have retained its form through the eastern tree line through the branches. but it faded into nothing while still about 65 degrees above the eastern horizon with stars visible in the sky beyond the area it faded out. i haven’t seen anything like this before, i researched the rules on plane lights at night, gliders at night and satellite constellations. there was very little wind this night. i really wonder what this was. if it was the height of satellites and the size of a medium altitude glider, how vast would this formation have been! i can’t recall if i saw stars between the lights. but it would have been such a vast area either way. especially considering the iss is still only one point of light..

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Credit: MUFON

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