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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Lowell, North Carolina on 1980-12-04 18:30:00 - Bright round orb developed an enlarging ring then became an oval with long funnel white tail that became red then object dissipated.

I wrote the following account on december 4, 1980 when i was 32 years old and a planning administrator for a charlotte, nc engineering firm. “i have just a few minutes ago witnessed one of the strangest things i’ve seen in a very long time. i was driving from charlotte, n.C. to lowell, n.C. to conduct a public hearing on a budget change for the town of lowell’s community development block grant. i was headed south on interstate 85 when i notice what i thought was the moon in front of me. it was very hazy, and i recall thinking that strange because the stars were so clear and bright and there seemed to be no clouds in the sky at all. all of a sudden, i noticed a small smoke type ring around what i thought was the moon. it was close to the ball at first and as seconds ticked by it got larger & larger & larger until it dissipated. then the ball started to change shape. it became oval in shape with a long funnel tail which was white haze in color. then suddenly it (the tail) became a bright red. as i was observing all this, i thought to myself, ‘i’m watching the moon explode. the moon has just blown up right before my eyes.€™ then a radio announcer came on over the car radio and he put a woman on the air who had just called in. she said she lived in bessimer city (not from lowell) and she was observing the same phenomenon. when i got to the lowell town hall, i went next door to the police station to get a key to unlock the town hall. i asked the policeman on duty if he had received any calls on the lights in the sky. he said he had received one. i asked if he had gone outside to observe them himself. he said 'no. i was afraid if i did it would be my luck the thing would land right in from of me.' i knew he was referring to an unidentified flying object! i am in the town hall now writing this as i did not want my first impression of the phenomenon to escape me. i will write more about this later when i find out from the news media exactly what i saw!€� unfortunately, i never heard or saw anything in the news about what i’d witnessed.

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Credit: MUFON

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