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Saturday, April 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 1986-07-26 22:00:00 - 3 bright pure white craft triangle formation, then extreme maneuvering some given connection and mental ability

On a summer evening sitting on our parents trunk stargazing my younger and i noticed unusual bright pure white lights. we both somehow knew what we were seeing, these craft were 10 times larger or at least brighter than any star or plane at that altitude, they were around plane hight 30 thousand or so. perfect 3 point pyramid formation then 2 started dancing around stops, change direction (like playing tag). i need to ask you if you have seen these craft, you can feel they know you see them. the experience left me changed. it opened a door. things like avoiding future problem situations, i told a friend while in a parking lot for no reason to look at the lights, the entire parking lot shut off. he fell to the ground freaked out and we never hung out again. i have premonition or intuition about things. putting on a seatbelt 2 seconds before accident. sitting in a movie theater watching a movie with my family and smelling smoke, asking my wife if she left the christmas lights on, she shhh'ed me and when arriving home, my young daughter had left a candle burning on her shelf and it had started to burn the upper shelf. since the sighting these types of things have repeatedly happened. as well as an almost super sensory to my every environment. i feel it changed me in a good way. they left something with me. has anyone, anyone at all experienced this type of change after your sighting? some must have, from a real actual sighting. you really know after it happens what it was without any doubt. i feel blessed to really know! sometimes wish them to come back or to experience that again. once in a life. if you have experienced this, or any of the after effects write me scottadavis132@gmail.Com

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Credit: MUFON

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