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Friday, April 5, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Brighton, Colorado on 2016-08-22 13:29:00 - Observed three disc like crafts moving erratically to the ne, they hovered and danced and changed direction quickly

It was aug 22nd, 2016 a nice warm sunny day in ne colorado, in brighton . i was out in the backyard cleaning and finishing up work on my clients̢۪ saddles and headstalls . i hung them on a chair to sit and wait for them to dry before piling them.. i had a glass of tea to sip on and i was sitting lying back on my chair and just admiring the beauty of the day, when something made me look up into the sky, and i saw two reflective but white mostly , discs above me probably 600 ft up maybe higher.. i was in awe and just kept staring up at them . i watched them drop a little move erratically and change direction quickly to the west but mostly they were heading to the ne. my heart was beating like mad while i was observing the two crafts travel sideways quickly left them up then right. lit was like they were dancing . i lived in a flight path zone from denver international airport so i was used to seeing and hearing the planes flying over us all the time (westward). these craft bobbed and moved too quickly , and no sound , completely silent. i was so mesmerized by the craft above my head i never went inside to grab my cell phone to get video of this! i should have but i could not move and just had to watch! the big jets you could hear them and one had just crossed over our house,( i could not take my eyes off what i was watching but i heard the jet) . the jet was heading west, when i last saw the objects that had now become three instead of the original two that i witnessed. once they zipped out to the ne out of my view i scrambled (because i was scared) for the patio door , tripped over the chair with the horse tack on it, got indoors, and hid inside . when i calmed down after about an hour , i phoned the denver 9 news office and asked if they had received any calls about disc like objects in the area, of which i was told no. i did not want to seem like a crazy person but that did not satisfy me , i called my mother in mo and told her about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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