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Monday, April 1, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Rochester Hills, Michigan on 2005-09-01 03:00:00 - 2 other unknown witnesses including oakland co. sheriff patrol. triangle shape. low flying. sudden acceleration.

I am unsure of the exact date as it was a long time ago but the details are quite clear. i was driving home from a girlfriend's house around 3am. i worked nights then and it was very common for me to be out at these hours. it would have been a weekday as there was very little traffic on the road, heading east along the m-59 expressway back to my home in macomb county. about a mile out from the rochester rd. overpass i approached a white suv, i believe a ford explorer, in the right lane going slightly slower than me at about 72-73mph. the posted limit is 70mph and i pulled into the left lane to pass the other vehicle. m-59 was a two lane expressway on this particular stretch at this time. as i came closer to the overpass i saw an oakland county sheriff's deputy parked under the overpass and slowed down so that the white suv and i were now doing the same speed driving alongside one another. the suv obstructed my view to the right entirely as i was in a small saturn sl2 4 door, much lower down. as soon as we came out from under the overpass the driver of the suv began to swerve and hit their brakes hard screeching to a stop. i also hit my brakes, not quite as hard, and looked over my shoulder at the suv behind me now to see what had happened. when i looked back in front of me i saw a large triangular object directly in front of me. i braked hard to avoid driving under it as it was barely 20 feet from the ground. i came to a stop. it was slowly heading north, at walking speed, crossing the expressway. it looked as if it were a shape hiding in a cloud of light. the light was blue and white, more white towards the center and bluer towards the edges. i could make out a sharp edge through what appeared to be a gaseous vapor which enveloped the shape. i could not see a solid metal hull underneath but the edges behind the cloud were clear. the object was bright to look at but did not light up the ground directly underneath it. i looked behind me again and neither the driver of the suv nor the officer in the patrol car got out. the suv had it's lights off now and i remember it being very dark under that overpass. as the object crossed the expressway it began to turn to the east. it passed over some more trees and over the tops of several buildings, gaining just enough altitude to pass over top. as it started heading east i decided to follow it and pace it. it was on the north side of the expressway heading east keeping right up with me as we both accelerated. this pacing went on for about 2 miles slowly working up to speeds of 70-80mph as the object gradually gained height at a couple feet per second. before i made it to the mound rd. exit, the object (which was now 150-200 feet in the air) instantly accelerated at supersonic speeds, disappearing into a vanishing point in less than a second as it headed ne. i have reported this incident at a few other sites over the years and every so often i check for other reports to see if anyone else nearby saw it or if the others came forward. i did not see my report on mufon so i decided to submit it here.

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Credit: MUFON

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