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Monday, April 8, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Dorr, Michigan on 2019-04-06 21:04:00 - Flash of light as smaller light object separates from larger light object heads off in different directions; both headed se

So i just drove up into my driveway around 9pm park facing east. dog hops out drivers door first, then me. i stretch and look to the north. the lights at the 4 corners in dorr appear in the northwest of my view. i see 2 planes heading westish in the northern sky, no doubt one had just come from grr and one was at cruising altitude. stars already appear bright. then i see obvious light object heading straight my direction from the northwest. im like, thats odd...As it was bright, and low flying, not blinking, and strange to be so low for being so big and moving so fast. then im like ok but its not blinking, it is moving at a rate of speed in my direction. then it gives off the equivalent of a slow flash, as in a flash that lasts a long second instead of a quick exertive flash. after which i can see a distinct second, smaller, less bright light object has emerged heading closer to east than southeast while the original object hasnt changed course. the 2nd light begins a slow low pulse of its light, as it begins to pulse so does the larger original. at this point in its path it is almost directly north of where we stand and ive now caught my girls attention and she confirms what i see. not a plane, not "lights on a plane" not blinking, no noise. the original light slows its pulsing as the second smaller breakaway light dims into the east. the path of the original has steady been southeast. it went from my northwest over my house to the southeast until we couldnt see it any longer. draw a rough flight path from catholic wild game church over the library in dorr towards the ford dealer in wayland. the second smaller one headed east toward middleville from right about 18th street just north of 142nd it probably was over 142nd or moline by the time it crossed 131. cell phone cameras picked up black photos and videos of no value.

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Credit: MUFON

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