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Thursday, April 4, 2019

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UFO Sighting in New Delhi, Delhi on 2019-04-03 21:20:00 - Called by ufo

On 3rd of april 2019, i heard a voice in mind which told me to come to my house rooftop.The voice introduced himself as andrew. andrew told me to look into sky. i kept on looking in sky but all i saw many aircraft landing as my house is adjacent to new delhi igia airport. after getting exhausted by not seeing actual ufo, i told andrew to fo. there is no such thing like ufo. all these are human aircraft. then as i was about to go back , i saw one of the aircraft going towards airport. it was blinking red and yellow light like all normal airplanes do. then suddenly light stopped blinking. it became a constant light. i dont know if blinking light can be switched off and be made constant light. i told andrew that its also another aircraft as it is possible in human aircrafts. but then suddenly aircraft turned into orb of light like shape of triangle and light facing towards me. it is not possible for any human aircraft . though light continued to move in the same path. after about 20 seconds it again transformed into normal human aircraft and went away. though its not extraordinary experience but since it was carried directly by conscious communication all the time, i am 100% convinced that it was indeed alien spacecraft. now regarding hearing the voice in my head, i am schizophrenic. i do hear some voices sometimes(though this is not regular these days as i am on medication) but since this time the voice accompanied the external experience, i thought i had share it.I couldn't take photograph as i was too much absorbed in the communication and seeing things. thanks

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Credit: MUFON

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